IN THE NEWS: SVA ‘disappointed’ by site plan approval of Carp Road landfill expansion

Tanya Hein talked to 960 NEWS about the Carp Road Landfill expansion site plan. You can listen to the interview here.

Tanya Hein told 960 NEWS that her organization was expecting more detail in the site plan application.

“The plan wasn’t as comprehensive as we thought it should have been… it did meet sort of the minimum requirements that it had to do I suppose, for the city’s approval,” said Hein “[the site plan] was sort of a generalized, hypothetical view of what might be there.”

Hein said that the SVA would like to see more transparency in the way the city approves these types of applications.

“It’s not a particularly public process and that’s been frustrating. The public liaison committee committee is probably the most un-public committee I’ve seen.”

Hein said that an active landfill could pose plenty of negative environmental impacts, as well as present odour and property value issues.