October 2015

COLA: Coalition for Landfill Accountability

Public Liaison Committee July minutes

The Carp Road Landfill PLC (Public Liaison Committee) has posted their July meeting minutes here. Some backround on the PLC: “The PLC is comprised of the Councilors of five west-end wards of the City…

Barn swallow

Barn Swallow colony on new landfill site

Did you know that there is a Barn Swallow colony on the site for the new landfill? Waste Management hopes to be able to protect it during construction and operation of the landfill.

COLA (Coalition for Landfill Accountability)

Who we are

COLA (Coalition for Landfill Accountability)┬áis a group of residents and community associations in western Ottawa who are concerned about the proposed expansion of the Carp Road Landfill and its future impact on the community….